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Meatasaurus Month

September 1st - 30th
31 Aug

Meatasaurus Month

This September sink your teeth into our most adventurous meal experience yet. Available for this month only, turn back to your caveman instincts and try our three special menu additions for Meatasaurus Month.

Salt & Pepper Crocodile

Salt & Pepper Crocodile $19.90

Strips of Crocodile tossed in our own salt and pepper flour, fried until golden brown. Served with chips, salad and aioli. Not everyone is game to try one of these humongous reptiles. Crocodile meat is similar in appearance to fish, however surprisingly resembles the taste of chicken. A 100g serve of crocodile also contains nearly twice the amount of protein in a similar serve of chicken, so it’s no wonder these animals are so strong! Fun fact: according to some studies eating crocodile may have helped cavemen evolve bigger brains.

Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger $17.90

House-made patty of buffalo infused with sage and onion; atop lettuce, tomato and cheese with caramelised onion and Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce. This meal is also served with chips. Buffalo meat is hearty, yet one of the most nutritious low calorie meats available. With a lower amount of fat than chicken and a higher percentage of iron and protein, this type of meat is perfect for a satisfying burger. Known as one of the most dangerous animals to hunt in the wild, hunters included buffalo as one of the big five animals to capture in order to show off their skill. Buffalo is also noted to have a similar taste to high grade lean beef.

Rabbit Pie

Rabbit Pie $17.90

Slow braised rabbit infused with leek and fennel in golden pastry crust served over creamy potato mash with steamed winter vegetables and rich gravy. Rabbit is the fourth most popular hunted animal in the world, and with a high nutritious value it’s no wonder why. Most similar to chicken in terms of low calorie count and low cholesterol, this speedy animal has the highest amount of protein compared to most meats available, including beef and pork. Rabbits were first introduced to Australia in the 1800s by European settlers, and have spread across almost two thirds of the country.

Be quick… Which one will you snap up before they charge off? Meatasaurus Month takes place September 1st  – September 30th 2017 at the Rodeo Bar & Grill.